Hi, this is Jeffrey A. Forrest, one of the Founders of The CORE Financial Group, where we help our clients build solid financial cores with guaranteed lifetime income streams.

Jeffrey A. Forrest's Bio:

Jeffrey A. Forrest, of San Luis Obispo, CA, is one of the Key Principals at The CORE Financial Group.  So far, in his career as a financial consultant, Jeffrey A. Forrest has earned 9 advanced degrees/designations in the Financial Services Industry.  Jeffrey A. Forrest's most important work though focuses on helping his clients prepare their own solid financial cores.  Jeffrey A. Forrest does this by taking new prospective clients through a DISCOVERY PROCESS that allows them to tell the truth, get in touch with their real values in life and to then design a path that is sustainable, understandable and empowering. If you want to experience this confidenced raising process for yourself, contact Jeffrey A. Forrest and schedule a complimentary visit.

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Recreational Triathlons, Dancing, Kayak Fishing, Confidence Coaching, Health & Wellness,